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Javier Gracia: «We are one step closer to the final»


FC «Rubin» head coach on the win in the Russian Cup match against «SKA-Khabarovsk» (1:0).

— Our goal was to go to the next round, and we did it. Today we played against a strong opponent, «SKA» is a very good team. We von, now we are one step closer to the final, and we are cery happy about that. 

— Is it possible that the Russian Cup will become a priority tournamet for the club this season? 

— No, our priority is always the next closest game tha we have. We have a lot of players in the squad, our goal is to improve our game and get high positions in the championship. It is fair to say that the Cup is a shorter path to some of our goals due to the number of games and so on, however, we are getting ready for 100% for every match we have.

— Tonight «Rubin» controlled the ball a lot, but the most dangerous moments were created in the counterattacks. Why?

— We need to keep in mind that «SKA-Khabarovk» knocked out a strong opponent in the previous round. They are very organized in the defense. We had our issues with the attack in the beginning, and then after the red card was given to their player the opponent started paying in even more closed way. It is hard to open a defense when the whole team stands in the foul line. I don’t think that we create our best moments when counterattacking. We had our moments, we didn’t have enough accuracy in the final stage. Overall, this game was very difficult. 

— Next opponent in Russian Cup is also from FNL. Should we expect the same tough game?

— We haven’t looked at our next opponent yet, we are about to do so. We will prepare and get ready. As for our performance, we need to step up in many aspects - standarts, position attacks, etc.

— Why did you put Yuri Nesterenko in the line-up in such important match? It was a risky decision.

— It is because we trust him. He played in a very reliable way tonight, he has two saves. I appreciate the work Yuri does. All the games for us are important.

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