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«Target is to go up in the table». Words before the FC Rostov vs FC Rubin match


Before the match of the 28th tour of the ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship against FC Rostov head coach Javier Gracia and captain of the team Oleg Kuzmin answered the journalists’ questions.

Javier Gracia:

– In the first part of the Championship match against FC Rostov in Kazan ended with a goalless draw. Are you waiting for the same closed game?

– Character of the game determined not by opponent only. It depends on two teams, which come to the pitch. If we look to the last matches of FC Rostov, we will see persistent struggle and minimal goal difference. We are preparing for the match. We’ll try to cope with opponent’s strong points.

– Fans of FC Rubin wait for this match especially, because Kurban Berdyev worked 12 years in Kazan before Rostov. Does it give you extra motivation?

– Yes, I understand that head coach of the opponent team worked in FC Rubin for a long time, but the main motivation for me is to try to win the third match. I know, there’s the hype. If it is the additional incentive for somebody, if somebody is especially happy after the victory in this match, that will be great.

– Team has two victories in a row. What has changed in the atmosphere inside the team?

– Victories always improve the mood, atmosphere, working process. These two victories gave calmness to the team. We have to come to the pitch and to achieve wins, we must please our fans. We will try to finish this season on a positive note and higher as possible in the tournament’s table.

Oleg Kuzmin:

– You played in the last matches on a very good level. How do you feel yourself physically?

– Thank you, but I have more to work on. I feel myself ok, it is getting better after each match.

– Has atmosphere in the team changed after two victories?

– Of course, conditions after wins are different. Recovering is different, and working after wins is easier.

– Is match against FC Rostov special for the team?

– No, it’s the match just like others. We have one target – to please our fans in the end of the not very successful season.

– Is it difficult to prepare for the matches, when you don’t have the tournament motivation?

– This is about prestige. We are playing for FC Rubin, we want to please fans and ourselves. We have an opportunity to go up in the table. We need to finish the season higher as possible.

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