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Kurban Berdyev: I Feel Certain Satisfaction With the Way We Played


Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev makes up a summary during a postmatch press-conference after tonights’ game against Zenit (0:0) within ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD-16

- In general, I feel certain satisfaction with the way we played except for the end of the first and second half. The playing concept that we have chosen today implies great intensity so the guys were a little bit tired by the end of both times. We should give credit to Zenit as well. They are having a deep and balanced squad so their players who are coming off the bench make their attack stronger.

- You were scolding Kambolov after he left the pitch. What was it about?

- I was not scolding Ruslan Kambolov but the doctor as it took him too long otherwise we could have made Caktas come off the bench earlier. The problem was that it made us play with 10 men for almost four minutes. This was exactly the period where Zenit took advantage and dominated.

- Wouldn’t it have been better for Azmoun to come off earlier?

- No. Zhemaletdinov was quite good in the second half. It was only about getting tired, if they had not, I wouldn’t have made any change to our attacking duo at all.

- Did Kambolov’s substitution affect the game scenario?

- It did and quite a lot. Ozdoev, Yann and Kambolov were doing it quite well within their trio with some good volume of work and right movements within their see-saw. After Caktas came off, our midfield in a way lost their consistency which Zenit took advantage of. So Kambolov’s injury did affect.

- Is it possible to get Azmoun and Zhemaletdinov as an attacking duo?

- Of course, whoever is better at the moment, will play.

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