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Kurban Berdyev: "We Have Worked Quite Efficiently During this Break


Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev tells about the team preparation ahead of ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 17 against Arsenal and shares his expectations.

- Mr. Berdyev, how efficient was this international break for your team in comparison with the previous one. Before the previous international break, the expectations were high that the break would be helpful and the team would improve, but it did not work...

- We can´t say, that it did not work. It´s about going step by step. The current break has been more efficient. Now they guys are understanding our playing concepts better. The most important thing, as I have already mentioned, is that the mentality is changing now. So during this break we worked quite well in this regard.

— Regarding the international players, how fit are they now as they are coming back from their national teams? Do they have any injuries?

- No, thanks God, they don’t have any injuries. Regarding how fit they are, it’s hard to say, their playing minutes varied: Bauer played 45 minutes, Azmoun played two matches, coming off the bench in both of them, Sigurdsson played 45 minutes. Their fitness varies, so we are a little bit concerned, but we will see, we still have two days to go until the match.  

- Fedor Kudryashov had got an injury before going to the National team. Have there been any suggestions for the National Team that the player should be given a break to make him play less.

-Well, we have not made any suggestions of this sort, I think no club coach should make such suggestions to the National team. It’s the National Team head coach who decides who will play and how minutes it will be.

- In terms of statistics and standings, Rubin and Arsenal are very alike. How true is that? Are these teams really equal now and if they are, to what extent?

- In terms of the standings, they are equal. We will see.

- How different is Arsenal now in comparison with the first half of the season?

-  Their team has changed, first of all, in terms of their mentality, self-confidence, ball possession. There are skilled and qualified players in their squad who had not been wanted by their previous clubs for one reason or another, but they are having good and experienced players.

- What is the situation with Cesar Navas?

- Unfortunately, his father has died. Cesar said that he would come back, but so far we don´t know when exactly.

- Regarding Ruslan Kambolov, he had got an injury against Zenit. How does he feel now?

- Well, during the last two days he has been training with the team.

- In view that the team is struggling to score goals have you considered Danil Makeev to be promoted from the Rubin U21 team.

- This player has been training with us, but so far his level does not correspond with the first team players level. Youth team is one thing but the first team is totally different. Akhmetov is working with the first team now, he is preparing for this weekend´s game with the first team now, not with the reserves like it was before.  




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