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Magomed Ozdoev: "We Should Keep on Working Hard and Goals will Come Back"



FC Rubin midfielder Magomed Ozdoev shares his expectations from the upcoming ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 17 against Arsenal Tula. 

 - Was this international break helpful for the team in terms of changing the morale, in terms of the training process? 

- Well, it was a period to have a couple of days off for the team, to have some rest after the previous schedule. We have worked well and we´re going to fight for every point.

- How different is Arsenal now in comparison with the Arsenal you played in the first half of the season?

- Well, I think, they are not really different, but in comparison with the last season, they have changed a lot. Arsenal is a decent team and their current ranking proves that. We have not analyzed Arsenal so far, but we understand how we should play against them, how we should fight. The head coach will tell us the details today or tomorrow.  

- The team is struggling to score goals. How do the strikers feel in trainings?

- In trainings we do score goals, so I think we will start scoring on matchdays as well. Scoring goals is not easy and we should not look for excuses, none of us, neither strikers nor midfielders. We should work hard, the whole team and goals will come.

- You mean, it´s not a systematic problem but a streak of bad luck? The thing is, that what has been happening in the recent matches raises many questions.

- I don't know what kind of questions it raises. I think, it’s a streak of bad luck. We are having chances to score, so we should score. I think, we will score in the next matches. I think, goals will come back.

- Do you have a clear idea why it is happening?

- If we knew than any of us would change it. I think we will break through. It’s a question of bad luck, we are having chances to score but then we hit the bar or we are unable to send the ball past the keeper, it’s close. I think we will improve the situation. All the players are working 100 % in trainings to break this streak. 

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