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Roman Sharonov: Our Today's Performance was not Consistent Enough


Rubin U21 vs Arsenal U21 – 2:4.

FC Rubin reserves boss Roman Sharonov shares his impressions after today´s match against Arsenal U21 within ROSGOSSTRAKH U21 Russian Championship

-It was not a solid game but the one divided into many different periods for us. We started well, keeping well the playing structure, we were dominating and scored two goals. It was like, it came too easy, I mean our two-goal lead, but instead of being consistent we just let our lead slip away. We should work a lot on our defence. In terms of attack, we´re showing certain improvement which is proved by the stats as we've been able to score from two to three goals each game. At the same time, we are conceding too many goals and it’s my responsibility as well as that of the boys’, we are working all together. So before the next break, we will concentrate on our defense improvement.  

- As Dmitry Gubanov came back from U19 Russian National Team, how does he feel and how fit is he?

- If a player is staying and training with us, we know he feels and how fit he is. I don’t know what kind of work Dmitry did in the National Team. Today he was not able to endure 90 minutes, he was not fit enough to play the entire game. It’s ok, we’ll keep on working on that.

- Vladislav Mikushin has made his debut today. Are there any other players you are planning to promote from the Academy?

- I´ve been following U17 and U16 team players, it´s our reserve. After U17 come back from their Football Union of Russia Cup, they will start training with us permanently. Today´s match showed us that Vladislav was quite good. Obviously, there were some mistakes, but for it was his debut, he played quite well today.

Yes, he made mistakes, but they are reparable. It´s good that he played quite confidently without any fear. It´s about learning. There are many players in these reserve teams who will join and train with us from December on. What we should do is to create an environment required for their progress and improvement. 

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