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Arsenal vs Rubin: Kurban Berdyev's Postmatch Press Conference


FC Rubin Kazan head coach Kurban Berdyev makes up a summary during a postmatch press-conference after Arsenal vs Rubin fixture within ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Championship MD 17.

-In general, I feel satisfied with the way we played, we managed to handle well the playing structure. So I feel satisfied with the way be played, except for certain moments in the second half, but not with today’s result.

-How would you assess today’s refereeing? There was a new referee appointed right before the match. Today, many refereeing situations were found controversial by both teams.  

-The referee’s substitution is not within our scope. Regarding the controversial situations, I think there should a single and homogenous interpretation of those situations wherever a hand is involved. It was our match against Rostov where a penalty was awarded only because the ball hit Granat’s chest. As for today, there is a corner situation where Khagush hands the ball but no penalty was awarded. So there should be a single and homogenous interpretation. Since it does not exist at the moment, such situations occur.

-Kudryashov played on the right wing today. How would you assess his today’s performance?

-Fedor is quite an experienced player, he knows how to play in this or that situation. I feel satisfied with his performance today. He has made some good passes which almost resulted in assists. I think, in general, he played quite well tonight.

-On the one hand, you have mentioned your satisfaction with the playing structure today but on the other hand, Rubin took ten shots on goal but none of them was on target. So what is missing in your attack?

-Accuracy. But I would like to repeat, the most important thing is that the boys know how they should play. It’s about finishing quality but it will come. The most important thing is that the guys understand and master the playing structure. It’s about going step by step. For example, it took Konstantin Beskov (famous Spartak Moscow head coach from 1977 to 1988) more than a year to build up the team and I am not Beskov, so we need time.  

-Ilzat Akhmetov was named on the bench today. Is his participation expected any time soon?

-Yes, certainly. During this international break, he was good in trainings, so today he was named on the bench. I think, he will come on to the pitch soon. 

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