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Roman Sharonov: "Goals Scored by Lobanov are the Result of His Work"


FC Rubin reserves boss Roman Sharonov and the hat-trick man Timur Lobanov speak on the ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Youth Championship MD 24 away victory against FC Ural reserves (3:1).

Roman Sharonov:

-Regarding the game in general, there have some things we should work upon. There has been some inconsistency. What I did not like at all and it’s my responsibility is that our players started the second half in quite a relaxed way. They just played based on the score. It’s not good for us and we should avoid it. Our tasks are different, it’s not scoring, but advancing and evolving in the course of the game. It’s good that FC Ural are having a combinative nature, which is a good environment for all the players who were on the pitch today.

-Is today’s win due to the Rubin’s credit or due to the inconsistent performance from the opposition side?

-We have scored good goals today, but regarding our offensive performance in general, it is not satisfactory as we’ve been losing the ball too much and these details will be analyzed by us. Regarding our defensive performance, it is the same comment: we are having positive things but not too much, we should have more of them. The more positive things we have, the better and more consistent our performance and game will be. We should work a lot upon these things and it’s been happening during all the games we’ve played after the winter break.

-Mikushin was a starting line-up player, but he is staying on the bench now in spring. Is it because he worsened or because his competitors improved?

—It’s my decision. All the players are getting prepared to take part in the game, all of them are part of the squad.

  • What is the reason for Lobanov goal scoring performance, from your point of view?
  • It’s a result of his day-to-day work. He’s having enough things to improve, but Timur perceives things well and does his job.


Timur Lobanov:

  • We’ve been preparing and training for the game during all the week. We are happy that we have won today and I’m happy that I’ve scored. I would like to thank my partners for their brilliant assists. There have been many chances in the first half that we missed.



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