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Kurban Berdyev: "The Stadium has Left a Positive Impression"


FC Rubin head coach Kurban Berdyev shares his impressions regarding the away draw with FC Ural 

 - I think, in general, the draw is quite fair, though our second half was worse than the first one but it´s our own fault.

 - Mr. Berdyev, how would you explain the substitutions made in the second half?

- Ivelin told us about some problem in the half-time, though he did not play bad. Karadeniz came on the pitch instead of Konovalov for the same reason.

- It could be seen in the second half, that Ural deliberately tried to push through their left wing. There was an impression that Egor Sorokin was a little bit nervous.

- Yes, it's true

- How would you assess the new stadium?

- The stadium left a good impression. We have not been here since long ago. We are glad that there is such a nice stadium in Yekaterinburg.

-  Yekaterinburg Arena has always brought you good luck. What could not you win today?

- It's our own fault for we destroyed the game which we were good at at the first half. We will work on it.

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21 апреля 16:30
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