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Kurban Berdyev: We're Preparing for the Upcoming Game in a Normal Way


FC Rubin head coach Mr. Kurban Berdyev tells about the team's preparation ahead of Akhmad, Ruslan Kambolov's injury situation and Igor Konovalov's progress.

- Mr. Berdyev, could you tell us about the team's preparation ahead of the game, what is the main focus and what do you think of Akhmad?

- Akhmad is quite a skilled and qualified team with quite good players. Our preparation is normal. Regardless whom we are facing either Spartak or Akhmad our preparation is as usual. 

- Have you seen the Centralniy Stadium pitch? Does it allow to play a high quality football?
- The pitch is quite good. We're looking forward to having it in good condition by the kick-off time.

- Regarding the head-to-head record, last five consecutive games were lost by Rubin. For example, Rostov when you worked there had the same problems. What is the reason for that, from your point of view?

- All the games are different both in terms of chances created and results. I don't think that this head-to-head record is going to have any impact ahead of the upcoming game.

-  There has been some information regarding Ilzat Akhmetov. Is there any possibility that he rejoins the team at least in the next season?
- You know, that now he is working in a different legal entity and he's seeking to put pressure on us. I think, it's no good. Second of all, the current situation is caused by the fact that some time ago, agents were allowed to approach our Academy and these agents are seeking to manage. So we are going to solve the situation in general to avoid it in future. You see, we are training and raising a player and he should belong to the club not to an agent. 

- You trained in Sochi ahead of the previous game and now in Kazan. Regarding your game against Akhmat, what is the difference between this week preparation and the one ahead of the previous game?

- The preparation methodology itself have not changed.

- What is the situation with Ruslan Kambolov? How does he feel?

- Unfortunately, he came back with an injury from the Russia National Team and he's having individual trainings now. We will see.  

- Did Igor Konovalov´s performance against FC Ural satisfy your expectation?

- Igor was quite good both in a friendly game against Lokomotiv and in our last League game against FC Ural. He must have felt a little bit nervous, but he's obviously a talented guy. Another important thing is how you implement your talent and how you progress. In general, we do count on him for he is quite a skilled and qualified guy.    

As you certainly know this Saturday, April 7, the fixture between FC Rubin and Akhmad will be played this Saturday, April 7, at Centralniy Stadium. 

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