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Ivelin Popov: "FC Akhmat are a Good and Motivated Team"


FC Rubin striker Ivelin Popov tells about the team´s preparation ahead of Akhmat

- Ivelin, what is the main focus in terms of the team´s preparation ahead of Akhmat?

- Everything's fine, we're training, preparing for the upcoming game, everyone is fit. The most important thing for us it win this game.

- Many note that you are one of the best FC Rubin players in this period. Do you feel that you've been adapted here and become a local guy here? How do you assess the extent of your adaptation to your partners' playing style?

- I've never had any problems in terms of adaptation. I knew some of the guys before, they gave me a warm welcome. I don't feel like I'm the best player or whatever. As I was saying the most important think for me is to help the team and win as many games as possible.

- You have already played against Akhmat when you were at Spartak this season. Could you tell us anything about the upcoming opponent?

- We have not had a theory session on Akhmad so far. Everyone knows that Akhmat is a good team, they are always motivated and it's always hard to play against them. I think, if we fulfill all of the tasks set by our coach, we will win.

- Did you support Spartak in their Cup game yesterday? If Spartak become the Cup winner, than the sixth place in the League will allow to qualify for the European Competitions.

- As I was saying when I just joined the club, the most important thing for me during this period of the season is to be focused on Rubin games.

- Is it possible to score such a goal that Ronaldo scored against Juventus yesterday?

- Of course, it's possible. All you need is a good cross and good finish.

- Ibrahimovic said, "he should better try to score in such a way from a 40 m. long range

- He always know what to say (laughs).

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