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Roman Sharonov: "Losing Balls did not Let us Win Today"


FC Rubin reserves boss Roman Sharonov shares his impressions from the ROSGOSSTRAKH Russian Youth Championship MD 25 against Akhmad reserves (1:1).


- What did you lack to have won the game?

- The problem is not the score, but the thing that we did not manage to fulfill the message delivered before the game. Regarding the first half, Akhmad dominated at the beginning of the first half. The thing is that in the beginning we were bad at marking inside our box and Akhmad had several good chances. We were not good at the see-saw moment, were down too much. Also, we were losing the ball a lot for we seeked to play forward. Then we started to play in a more compact way, pushing up, dominated on the opposition´s half but we were not patient enought, on ball. You see, when a flank is closed then you should switch, but we insisted at the same flank instead and as a result lost balls there which resulted in quite dangerous counters. 

Regarding the second half, I´ve been always telling the guys that there are many details which determine a lot in football. For example, when we are pressing, than it should not be just improvising. When you are pushing, you may get dispossed due to the rhythm change offered by the opposition. This was the way we conceded today´s early goal. There were similar mistakes from Gilyazutdinov and Nurullin. Anyway, what I did like was that although we conceded a goal it did not affect us in terms of morale. We equalized, but anyway we lost the ball to much today which did not allow us to win the game.

- Was there any surprise from the opposition side?

- We know Akhmad's playing manner. They have not made many adjustments, they pursued with playing forward. As for us, we are always based on our own playing manner, we don't change it unless we are playing impropperly which allows the opponent to limit us then we normally we are making some adjustments in the course of a game. 

- How would you assess today's substitutions?

- They made us stronger, in general. In particular, Sasha Tsiberkin and Nikita Makarov made us stronger in the midfield. Nikita Makarov made his debut today and he played quite well. It was Ilya Gilyazutdinov's first game since long ago thus he had some problems with the rhythm of today's game and he was overwhelmed with emotions todays rather than some reasonable performance. Grisha Ziganshin has missed many games because of an injury he got in the first team, now he's fit. This substitution was due to the sending off at the end of the game. 

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