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Noboa: ¨"We´re Analyzing Strengths and Weaknesses of Amkar"


FC Rubin midfielder Christian Noboa speaks ahead of the open-to-media training session held this Thursday.

 - How was it like training during yesterday's snowfall?

 - Trainings are going well, everyone's working a hundred percent. Certainly, yesterday, we did not expect that those sunny days will be followed by snow.

 - There is an artificial pitch in Perm. Do you think that this fact increases an injury risk?

- We don't think on that. It has been approved as a match venue so our target is to come on the pitch and win.

 - You were a part of the Champion team. Is there any spirit of that team now inside the dressing room?

   - Of course, there is. It's always nice to come back to this team. Yes, there are some other players now, but I'm happy to be back.

- In your postmatch comment after a home game against Akhmat you were saying that there was something in common between Popov and Dominguez. Do you mind telling us about that in a more detailed way?

- Chori is very rapid with the ball. Ivelin is very good at playing between the lines both of them are good ball passers. Both of them are high quality players, but anyway they are different.

 - Have the team already analyzed Amkar during theory sessions?

.- We are analyzing both strengths and weaknesses of the opposition side. It should also be noted that they are very confident now after two consecutive wins, but we have to win and find ways to beat their solid defense. 

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