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Sharonov: "We Made a Step Forward in terms of our Defensive Performance"


FC Rubin reserves boss Roman Sharonov shares his impressions after an away game against Amkar reserves which resulted in the home side's victory. 

- Which were the things that worked and did not worked out in today's match?

Regarding our improvements, it is our defense which was solid and compact today. Regarding the previous matches, we pressed with defense-attack transition but it resulted in some gaps in between our playing lines. Today, we improved this playing pattern as Amkar got offside each time they looked for a more vertical play. So regarding our defensive performance today, we did improve. 

Regarding our offensive performance today, the play we were supposed to deliver today, did not work out. There were lots of passing mistakes in the first half, we should have delivered the ball to the flanks more, but we didn't and as a result we were losing the ball which was normally caused by not being patient enough and we played too vertically in some situations where we should have played in a different way. There were some good situations though, but we should have switched the play more. Also, unfortunately, our centrebacks were not involved enough. Apart from that, we should work a lot on our chance conversion as the players must have it clear that every chance has to be converted. We are creating chances but we do not manage to convert them. It's not about talking about excuses now, but we are having many of our attackers are injured. We tried to improve the performance with team rotation but we did not manage to do that. We are playing with players that are available now. There are some injured players and so their partners are having more playing minutes.

- It's the third game in a row where the team concede an early goal in the second half. What is the reason for that?

- It's about circumstances. There are many individual mistakes. Regarding our previous game against Amkar, there were some situation where two of players prefered to perform a sliding tackle but they should have been more patient instead. Today, we improved this thing, but there was a mistake from Akmurzin. It's not about Timur because there were another two players Gubanov and Lukyanchikov they did not get unmarked to ensure the defense-attack transition to offer another a passing option for the goalkeeper. Our goalkeeper had another option which was to play vertically, but he prefered a third option and he made a mistake, but it's part of football, such things happen, there is nothing terrible in that. What we should do is to work hard, be patient on the pitch and play our own football. Unfortunately, today there were some situations where we did not manage to do that. Of course, there were also situations where did but only sporadically.

- Gubanov is one of the most experienced players of the team now. How would you assess his performance?

- There are some objective reasons for his not best performance today for it was his first game after an injury and he had had only two training with the team. So there are lots of players who are not available. 

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