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Kurban Berdyev Speaks ahead FC Zenit Fixture


FC Rubin head coach Mr. Kurban Berdyev’s speaks before today’s open-to-media training session

- Mr. Berdyev, could you please tell us about the situation with the injured players? Can Azmoun and Podberezkin play against Zenit?

- Podberezkin is not going to play in this game. Azmoun must be fit, we will be checking his recovery progress. According to the loan agreement restrictions, Poloz and Tsallagos will miss the game.

- Is it possible that Tsallagov will be replaced by Ustinov in this game?

- Maybe. We are preparing different options.

- Are Kudryashov and Granat’s appearances possible this Sunday?

- As I was saying, we are preparing different options. The thing is that they are not fit enough so far. I think, we will need players and either of them will participate.

- Uremovic was replaced after an injury in the last game. How fit is he now?

- Today is going to be his pitch training. He’s been having individual trainings so far.

- The fixture was deferred to Monday. You are going to have another day for the preparation, is it an advantage or disadvantage?

- It’s the same, actually.

- Is the current Zenit different from the last season team?

- Many players have returned from loan, it’s a different team, more competitive, more disciplined. It differs significantly from the last season team.

- Because of the players?

- Because of everything I’ve just mentioned. Players have returned from loan. Because of the discipline thing as well.

- Mr. Sergey Semak is not someone foreign either to Rubin or to you personally. How would you characterize him as a coach?

- I’ve said once in an interview, that he is the most promising young coach and he has a bright future.

- Which are the most positive things of the first two gameweeks you could distinguish?

- There are different things both positive and negative ones. But, in general, there was some good implementation of those things we wanted and mainly it was in the game against FC Krasnodar and there were many negative things in the fixture against Dinamo.  

- There have been many long-range and mid-range shots. Was it part of the game objective?

- It all depends on the team you are facing. It depends on their playing structure, it depends if there are free spaces or not.  

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