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Kurban Berdyev: FC Enisey Have an Experienced Squad


FC Rubin head coach speaks ahead of the upcoming home fixture against FC Enisey.

- Mr. Berdyev, how helpful was the break to the team? How hard was it to link up the players and hold tactical sessions?

- There were some problems in this regard. There are some problems due to some injuries and those players who had been playing less minutes. Therefore the players' fitness conditions may vary, but it is a normal thing when a team has many international players called up.

- Are there any players who will not play against Enisey?

- It is Kudryashov and Zallagov. Dzhanaev is undergoing treatment now in Germany. 

- How serious is Kudryashov's injury he got during the Russia National team camp?

- I think, he will need at least another two weeks for recovery.

- Which are the FC Enisey strenghts you could distinguish?

- Generally speaking, they are having an experienced squad. Those Amkar players who had joined the team got adapted quite well. They are a good team. All the games they played were competitive even those games they lost. For example, they had a 100 % chance against Rostov with 0:0 still. If they had converted that opportunity, the outcome could have been different 

- Are Enisey a coach-managed team?

- Yes, they are. They are playing the football of Alenitchev.

- At the beginning of the last season, FC Rubin had a complicated period losing points against the bottom eight teams. Is there any solution of this problem? 

- I think, all the clubs are facing such problems in this season, including the leading teams. All the leading teams are losing points against these teams. Therefore, at the beginning of the season, there is almost no vivid difference between the last season top teams and bottom teams.

- Are you pleased with the FC Rubin Russia International players performance?

- In general, their participation was minimum, so it's hard to assess. Regarding Kudryashov, he was quite good. As for the rest of the players, they played only few minutes, so I cannot assess their performance.

- Have you been following Konovalov's performance for the Russia U21 and Uremovic's debut with Croatia U21?

- Yes, we have. As for Uremovic, it was not his natural position, he had to play right fullback. But his performance was helfpul to us as an information to analyze. Regarding Konovalov's performance, there was no real satisfaction from his performance.

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