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Kurban Berdyev Speaks Ahead of the FC Ufa Fixture


FC Rubin head coach speaks to the media ahead of the upcoming game against FC Ufa

- Will all the international players be able to play against FC Ufa? 

- Igor Konovalov will not play because he has to serve a yellow card suspension. Tsallagov most probably wil play neither. The rest of the players are available for the upcoming game

- How hard is to bring the international players back to the team's play after the break?

- No, it's not, it's a common thing

- Was the break fruitful for the team?

-  I think, it was. We fulfilled our plan for the break ahead of the upcoming games. We will see

 - Which are FC Ufa peculiarities and what kind of game do you expect it to be?

- It's going to be a tough game just like any game you are playing against them. They are a well-disciplined team, they handle well their link-ups, they are especially good defensively and in terms of counter attacks

- Egor Sorokin has not started games since his previous international call-up? What was the reason?

- It all depends on the conditions the players are on that particular day, on a matchday. Sometimes international players do not play in their National teams while the players who are staying train well, are in better conditions and have a better tonus. We line up those who are better ahead of the matchday regardless of their international status. So if Sorokin performs well at trainings ahead of the game, he will play 

- It is not a stardom-related issue,is it?

- I think, it's not

- Azmoun has gone to the National team for a first time after some break. How fit is he after he came back?

- I don't know, I have not seen him yet.

- Is Igor Konovalov's suspension a big loss to the team?

-  Not at all

- Has Dzhanaev started to work with the team?

- Yes, he has, but he's having his own program as well, anyway there are certain thing he cannot do so far

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